Topeka, KS  USA



12155 – 154 Street NW
Edmonton AB
T5V 1J3


​​7530 - 114th Avenue SE

Calgary AB  
T2C 4T3

​Why choose STE?

We opened our doors in 2003 and right from our humble beginnings we were different than all of our competitors.  What sets us apart you ask?

  Our decisions are made by mechanics, welders, and engineers and not CFO’s, CEO’s, or a Board of Directors.

          We have a full time engineer on staff to help lead our internal service team and our external customers in this high tech world of electronics and hydraulics we live in.  How many distributors of equipment can offer that?

          We live by the philosophy that our paychecks are signed by the customer and not the President and we remind our staff of that weekly.

          We offer 24/7 parts and service support with no call out charges because we want to make sure our customers are running all the time.

          We represent some of the best built equipment on the planet.
  Our employees are passionate about the industries we serve and about the company they work for.  As a result, we have an extremely low turnover because we actually care about them.
We are driven by customer service and not profit.  Besides, we learned a long time ago that if we provide exceptional customer service, at the end of the day, there will be profit.

          We have decades of experience supplying equipment to the Municipal, Foundation, Utility, Oilfield, Railroad and Construction Industries.

          We are a meat and potatoes company.  We wear jeans and steel toed shoes and work hard- every single day.

          We run a formal safety program and while we work hard, safety is paramount.

          We can fix anything, solve anything, and build anything.
  Our new unit PDI process is legendary.  We spend countless hours testing, calibrating, and modifying every new piece of equipment we sell in order to make sure it meets our high standards.

​          We make mistakes.  However, when we do, we always make it right.

We have experienced double digit growth every single year since our inception to the point where we are doing millions of dollars of business per month.   In 2014 we opened a sales office to serve the US market and in 2016 we opened an Edmonton Alberta branch to better serve the Alberta market. We will continue to have calculated growth for years to come.  Our management team is young and so we plan for the next 10-20 years, not just the next 2.  If you are presently a customer of ours- thank you very much.  If you are not, give us a call and experience the Superior difference.